New 2003-2011 Honda Element


Fill the void left by having your
rear seats up or out of your Element.
Saves your knees from pain, furniture from damage and
create more useable floor space.

*Heavy-duty 16ga. steel
*Two powder-coated colors
*Fits all Honda Elements
*Money-back satisfaction guarantee
*Manufacturer’s warranty
*Proceeds help those diagnosed with diabetes
*Now shipping!

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ElementDriven Passenger’s-Side Table


These are so awesome! Thank you for making these. I didn’t hurt my knees crawling back-and-forth doing the hatch latch install thing. What a nice change!

Carol E., Torrance, CA

I just put in my order. What a cool little mod!!

Dave W., Abington, MA

My Element is the 2011 that Jeff did a test fit on Monday, so I saw the prototypes first hand and I can attest that these are solid and fit well (don’t pop out when walking/kneeling on them). And Jeff has clearly put serious time and effort in to thinking these things through and refining the design. I am excited to get a pair of these.

Scott B., Portland, OR

I just had these test fit on my 2008 Element and they look and fit great!

Brian B., Portland, OR

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