Driving, driving, and more driving

Driving, driving, and more driving

I’ve spent a lot of time in our Element the past 30 days. I had the pleasure of meeting two awesome people in the Napa and Sonoma areas of Northern California. Two different people, meeting them for two different reasons.

Aerogenics cat guard installed

For Eve, who lives in the Napa area, I was able to install an Aerogenics cat guard on her Kiwi-colored Element. I think the car completely fits her personality. I would have loved to talk to her a few mores hours but after installing the shield I had to roll west to discuss a couple of new products with the originator of them, who was just as much a gracious and entertaining host as Eve. I’d like to offer more info on those products, but that’ll come soon enough as details get ironed out. Although it was a quick two-day trip, it was well worth it since I got to meet two wonderful Element owners and listen to their stories.

I’ve logged many miles just searching for OEM rubber flooring for our wrapped latch covers, especially the black color, and coming up short-handed a few of times. The best part of the search is getting to meet and talk to the people involved. After a year-plus of COVID isolation, I believe the value of interactions with others has increased, and I’m good with that.

Our news feed/blog will now post every other week. This will allow me to provide interesting details about what’s happening at ElementDriven and focus on getting our new products launched.

ElementDriven work table

Have you seen our new work table for the passenger seat? It’s our latest item that will help those who work and play from their Es. It provides a large work area to spread out all your work stuffs. This table is for those with automatic transmissions and incorporates a safety lockout. We will have a manual trans version and higher-end version that folds for easy stowing when not in use. Check out our new work table here.

The month of May should prove interesting for ElementDriven as we intend to have even more new product announcements to share.

Until then,

Take it E-zee.
Jeff Stites

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