Growth and Improving on Improvements

Growth and Improving on Improvements

Every year for the past few years Shannon and I have planted Black-Eyed Susans. I enjoy watching them grow and taking the time to train and redirect the vines to climb a wall area on our patio. They typically reach the bottom of a bird condo under our roof overhang in September. It takes some time for the end result of a full wall covered by them but the results of watching them grow, with their constant flowering, is worth it to me. They are a nice reminder to stop and take time to focus on growing them and redirecting them here and there.

It’s only been since February this year that we started ElementDriven and I’m amazed at how much has happened—and we are growing. Even more amazing is the genuine positivity we’ve encountered with the Element community. I’m consistently blown away by the support we’ve been shown, which helps push us forward to try and make our customers happy campers.

You may have noticed our site’s product page grew by 13 items. We are happy to announce that we partnered with RobDeezy to offer his unique products for Honda Elements. You can view the current collection here. We look forward to showcasing what RobDeezy has to offer, with more products to be added over the next few months.

Coming from the world I’ve lived in as a graphic designer, art director and road racer (among many other things), I’m constantly striving to push myself to improve—which extends to our products. In short, I’m rarely satisfied with the end result of something I produce. I’ve had to learn to settle in some instances, usually when time constraints are involved, or when my current equipment limits what I can achieve.
New and improved OEM flooring wrapped latch covers
With that, I have made a couple of improvements to our OEM- wrapped latch covers, and I’m fully satisfied with the end result. Gregory T. provided this image to showcase how good the improved design looks, stating, “Wow! These look factory!” Also, we recently launched our budget-friendly passenger's seat work tables, with another higher-end version (that folds for easier storing) coming out before June 1.

I’ve been compared to the main character, Caractacus Pott, in the movie Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang, and I’m okay with that. I mean, did you see that beautiful work-of-art car he built?! I have a lot of ideas, plans and products that will spill out of my brain and onto our site over the next few weeks, so stay tuned to this feed to see what’s next.

Until then,

Take it E-zee.
Jeff Stites

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