New Product Alert!

New Product Alert!

In an effort to showcase and offer the coolest accessories for Honda Element owners, we continue to partner with creators, designers and manufacturers—along with producing our own items, of course—to help you enjoy life in, and with, your Element. 

We are super stoked to share that we’ve now partnered with Rain Dean. If you’ve been involved in the Element social media world, then you’ll likely know his name. We’re providing support so Rain can focus on producing his well-crafted items, and we’ve taken on the duty of processing orders and helping to spread the word about his many talents. 

Mr. Dean is working on a number of products, and after a hiatus from social media, he’s back at it and leading things off by offering the Eletent Bug Screen. Great for pets and for enjoying increased airflow while keeping out the bugs that can sometimes mess with that great-outdoors enjoyment. Fastens with Velcro so set up and tear down is a breeze. Can be used with tailgate up or down and it's built to last many seasons of Element camping use.

For complete details and an affordable way to enjoy life in the back of your Element, visit the product page here.

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