The Art of Juggling Flaming Chainsaws

Since ElementDriven turned into a business in early February—created in a matter of a few days, I might add—we’ve been enjoying the positive aspects of new business ownership and all that comes with it.
My partner Shannon and I both enjoy problem solving, so we tend to take any issues that land in our way head-on. Unfortunately life in general can get in the way of running a new business. There were medical issues with elder family members that pulled us away from our full-steam-ahead approach to getting out new products and also slowed down order fulfillment. 

In addition, I lost an aunt that I cared dearly for, but she’s now in a better place. And medical issues with other elderly family members are now under professional care, thankfully. 

With that, we get to pull out of the rest area (not really rested, but ready), windshield cleaned off, food in our belly and back up to speed on the ElementDriven highway. 
I have a big list of new items to create, refine, launch and share with you. We’ll keep you posted here as those new items become available.

If you’re local to the Pacific Northwest and attended the Gresham Honda Element meet-and-greet in July, put together by Nick Stice, then you saw one of our soon-to-be released products for the interior of your Element. I’ll leave that little teaser here for now as we’re working out the fine details, but it was well received and interest was surprisingly positive.

If you are a satisfied customer of ours, we’d encourage you to send us pics of your Element, along with your name (we don’t publish last names), plus year and model of your E and we’ll add you to our E-Rides section on our site to share our growing family with others.

Take it E-zee,
Jeff Stites

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I’ll make contact with you, Lisa to see how we can help. Thanks for reaching out to us.


I desperately need a center console for my 2013 Element. Please help!


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