It Looked So Simple

It Looked So Simple

We are getting positive feedback for those who’ve received their powder-coated latch covers, with many being really happy with them. That’s the feedback we like to hear.
We have online written instructions in our Glovebox section on our site and an install instructional video on our ElementDriven YouTube channel if you have difficulty in mounting your covers, for anyone who could use the help.

We are slowly shipping the wrapped sets of our floor plates, and got bogged down due to all the variables encountered with initial set up. It looked so simple with the vision I had in my head, but in reality, steel and rubber do not like to adhere to each other. I want these wrapped sets to last a long time so a lot has gone into making sure that happens. If you’ve ordered and are waiting on a set, they are shipping out this week and early next week. We appreciate your patience as we dial-in this new process and work to minimize build time.

Unfortunately it’s getting harder to find the OEM rubber floor material used, so I’ll either need to back-order any future orders (possibly 4-6 weeks for delivery) to build up supply, or look to manufacture our own material to cover any future requests. I personally don’t like the idea of having to back-order products so will see what I can do to avoid that.

We’ve got other products in the works and plans for growing ElementDriven so we hope you’ll stay in touch to see what useful items we can bring to Element owners.

E-Owner Spotlight

With this blog I also want to showcase Element owners, parts manufacturers and those in the E community who are helping to make a difference with the Element experience.

Dat Tran is a local Pacific NW Element owner who is working hard to help others. He helps organize cat guard installs for those that don’t have the space or tools to do it themselves, and also helps people locate the Element they want. I hear nothing but good things about Dat, so look him up on Instagram or Facebook and let him know he’s appreciated.

Take it E-zee.
Jeff Stites

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