It's Contest Time and Say Hi to Theo

It's Contest Time and Say Hi to Theo

Guess the Voltage Contest

bluetooth battery monitor

A new product that we are excited to share is the Bluetooth Battery Monitor from Ultimate9. We’re so happy with how it works, we choose to have a contest and give one away with free shipping to someone in the U.S or Canada. They are a great way to monitor your battery’s life without having to pop the hood, and removes the question of knowing if your Element (or any car with a lead-acid battery for that matter) will start when you need it to. It will provide a warning via Bluetooth to your device if your battery gets to the danger zone of not starting. And it’s super affordable at only $45. If you’d like to pick one up (or two, or three), you can here.

If you'd like to enter our Guess the Voltage contest, all you have to do is input what our battery level was on the evening of 1/06. We grabbed a screen shot from the app while sitting comfortably in front of the TV with our 2004 Element sitting 30 feet away. Simply guess between 9 and 15 volts. Contest ends at midnight, Sunday 1/16 and the winner announced Monday, 1/17. You can view details and enter your guess here.

It’s a new year and we’re coming up on our one-year ElementDriven anniversary.
We’re planning a celebration to take place near ElementDriven HQ in Vancouver, WA, for late February or early March. Plans will be finalized soon and once locked in, we’ll share the date and location. 

It should be a good time with other Elements to check out and good conversation with other Element owners helping us celebrate our anniversary. We’ll be providing our donation celebration funds to the American Diabetes Association for all the rear-seat latch plate sets we sold this year, along with giving away prizes, great treats/refreshments and plenty of parking.

New Products Keep Rolling Inrain dean eletent bug screens
We’re constantly adding to our Element accessories list of cool parts, with a lot more to come. We’re happy to announce our partnership with Rain Dean. If you’re not familiar with him, he used to make and sell the Eletent - the mini tent that mounts to the back of your Element with the lift gate and tailgate open, creating more square footage inside your Element. 

Eletent Bug Screens for the rear and also the push-out side windows. They have his unique hand-sewn, craftsman touch and are super effective at keeping out the blood (fun) suckers that can ruin a great camping adventure, and yet still allow calming breezes to pass through. He’s working on even more products for this year and we’ll be sure to share when new items come out from Rain Dean.

Meet Theo, Our New Family Member
theoWe’d like to introduce, Theo. I’ve been looking for a new car to call ElementDriven’s rolling showroom. It had to be an early AWD version with a manual transmission and my budget was $500-$1,000 (stop laughing). I figured it would be a car with needs and over 300k miles that would be in another time zone. Well, I got lucky and found one in our own back yard with only 196k miles, and slightly over budget - well, double my budget. Theo is a 2003 EX, with Eternal Blue Pearl paint. He needs a new exhaust (we have that already), windshield and some rust repair around the windshield header area, plus some dent repair and fixing an engine leak. We have big plans for Theo, including a lift kit, engine upgrade, adding a sixth gear plus a lot more. We hope you’ll tune in to see the transformation of this year and beyond.

Since we now have Theo, we are expanding our Aerogenics offerings and will be adding more of their products this week to improve Theo's abilities, and ground clearance. See what's available and create your list of Aerogenics items to add to your Element by clicking here.

And don't put off getting a cat cover. I still offer low-cost installations within the Portland, OR/ Vancouver, WA area, and can even come to you to install yours to make sure you're protected against theft. Click here for details and to order your cat cover and install.


Tread Magazine
If you are into flipping magazine pages to see what’s out there in the world of car camping and overland adventures, we are running our first ElementDriven ad in the upcoming March-April issue of Tread magazine. Although it generally caters to the world of Jeeps and Toyotas, we feel that the Element group deserves to be represented too. I encourage you to subscribe...and maybe let them know you want to see more Honda Element content when you do. Here’s a link to their subscription page, available as  print or digital subscriptions.

We’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and hope you’ll get out there and enjoy all that nature, the trails and/or the streets have to offer in your Element.
Make sure to check in often as we have a lot in the works for our “new products” department.

Take it E-zee,
Jeff Stites

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