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There is no such thing as Bad Weather, just Bad Gear.

I'm Mindy, and in 2019 I decided to make a camper in my 2003 Honda Element, with things from around my house. Since then I have made three "No-Build-Camper-Van-Builds" in my Honda Element, fondly named the 9th Element.

The IKEA furniture came out of my house, and I cut it with a Dollar Store handsaw to fit my rig. My previous experience with construction consisted of 9th-Grade Woodworking class, assembling IKEA furniture, and binge-watching YouTube videos. I am a Wiz with Duct Tape, Screws, and Glue!

Join me in 2022 and beyond where I design custom Tiny Camper Van Cabinets for my 2003 Honda Element. I downsized from an 1100 square foot house with a 500 square foot garage on over a third of an acre. Sold, donated or gave away most of my stuff and rented a 5 x 10 storage unit to house my precious things.

I now live in 35 square feet, out of my Honda Element.

Tour North America with me.

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