Element Event Support Program

ElementDriven wants to help support you in your efforts to start and have a successful Element meet-up in your region. We can help with the little things while you and your team members source the location and date...you know, the big stuff. 

Whether you have 2 or 2,000 Elements showing up, ElementDriven will provide the following to help you be successful at your Element event:


 Dedicated RSVP page through ElementDriven.com

 Link to Google Sheets RSVP sign-up page to see who's coming or undecided

 Products and order discounts provided by other Element community businesses

 Coffee from Triple Crown Coffee for you and the team to stay focused, along with coupons for participants to buy discounted coffee

 To help ease your planning, herbal tea samples provided by Chickadee Herbal


For extra cost, ElementDriven can provide event postcards to hand out to promote your event in your region, along with placing in ElementDriven outgoing orders.