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2004 Honda Element EX 5-Speed


Pasco, WA

2004 Honda Element EX, 5-speed - Used

Manual trans., FWD. 217k miles. In the last year it’s had: new CATALYTIC converter - after the original one was stolen, new front struts & ball joints and clutch slave cylinder. Runs and drives good, CEL is on as the downstream O2 sensor must have been damaged when the CAT was stolen. My daughter has owned this for 5 years and put 80,000 miles on it. It’s had regular oil changes and has been loved. She needs an AWD one if anyone has one for sale, the lower the miles the better. No leaks or problems.  Priced to sell fast, KBB for private party is $5k-plus in Good condition. Runs strong and has lots of life left. Drivers seat worn/cracked where you slide in and out.


(509) 430-9730