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SOLD - Aerogenics Black Powder-Coated Rock Guards - New

SOLD - Aerogenics Black Powder-Coated Rock Guards - New


Seattle, WA

SOLD - Aerogenics 2003-06 Honda Element Powder-Coated Rock Guards - New

Brand new set of Aerogenics Rock Sliders. Freshly powder coated and complete with mounting hardware that was purchased separately. Never mounted! These typically ship as bare-steel units from Aerogenics. 100% bolt-on for early Elements.


Some models do not have holes for OEM side steps which will require drilling or welding.

These rock sliders were difficult to source from the manufacturer, and took a while to get since Aerogenics wasn't planning to ship units out (initially they were for local pick up only in the Los Angeles area). These are a very limited, unique product, with no plans to make them in the future, as per their web site.

This was for my EX AWD that I no longer have. I am very reluctant to sell these given their limited production and time involved to get them how they look now, but I can’t keep everything. I’m all in at $1,350 with shipping, WA-State taxes, powder coating and the included hardware kit.

$1,200. Local Seattle area pick up. Shipping extra, and not cheap due to weight and package size.


*images showing rock guards mounted are from another Element owner. Used for reference only to show how great these look.

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