Raxles CV Axles
Raxles CV Axles
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Raxles CV Axles

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Don't waste money on inferior CV axles. Raxles® offers the finest CV axles on the market and has redefined quality CV axles since 1992.

Raxles is a global supplier of the best CV axles in the industry; supplying products to top dealerships, auto repair shops, auto parts stores and racing teams.

Raxles CV Axles uses heavy-duty new components, Amsoil synthetic grease, new nuts, new harmonic vibration dampener and the best CV boots available.

Here's How To Order

You place your order for your Raxles CV Axle/s. Your new rebuilt CV axles will ship direct from ElementDriven.
If you choose the "I have an OEM core" option, we'll include a return label for your used OEM CV axle/s to be shipped to us in the same box (must be OEM, and they can only have light surface rust). If the cores are approved as per Raxles specs for rebuildable cores, then you get $100 back per CV axle.
If you don't have OEM cores to return, we hold your order if we are out of cores until we have solid cores available for rebuild.
Typical turnaround time is 7 days.
$100 core credit is for Honda Element OEM CV axles with light-to-no surface rust only. If you're not sure your CV axles are OEM, or qualify for the credit, please contact us for full details. If your CV axles are not approved by Raxles after inspection then there will not be a credit provided. When we do send your rebuilt CV axles, we include a shipping label to return your OEM core.

Raxles CV axles and their limited lifetime warranty are for use as OEM replacements on stock-height Elements currently.

We will be researching their use on lifted vehicles, and they should be suitable on 1-inch lifted vehicles or those with dropped subframes that remove extreme angles caused by suspension lifts greater than 1 inch.


What is it that makes Raxles CV axles better than all the others? They never regrind their components. Regrinding is a common practice in the industry, but it can lead to a number of problems. Here's why Raxles never regrinds:

  • When regrinding used CV/axle parts, they must be held in position for the entire process, which is virtually impossible to achieve. As the part moves around, grinding becomes inconsistent, resulting in an inferior product.
  • Regrinding CV joints removes the case-hardened race which the ball bearings move against. The race, which is the track along which the ball bearings roll and slide against, is a short-term fix. Getting rid of that wear with the regrinding process results in a surface which is much softer, which wears out in months if not weeks.
  • The failure rate on CV drive axles with reground components is extremely high. The only way to ensure a high quality, long lasting product is to rebuild with brand new, quality components.

Due to this being a new product for ElementDriven, we need to build up Element CV axle core inventory. If you place your order but aren't able to offer OEM rust-free cores, then we'll hold your order until we have enough cores to fulfill your order, and keep you updated throughout the process.

*Prices are per CV axle unit (per wheel)


RAXLES warrants to the buyer of any axle that it is free from any defects in workmanship and material forever, subject to the following conditions: a) The product is properly installed, used and maintained. b) Determination as to the existence and nature of any defect in workmanship or product shall be made by RAXLES, and all such determination shall be final. c) If the unit has been disassembled or modified in any way by any other party other than RAXLES, the warranty shall be considered null and void. Also not covered under the warranty: 1) Repair or replacement following collision (including collision with curb), racing or commercial use, off-road use, or any comprehensive insurance claim; 2) In the case of FWD axles, excessive damage to components due to torn boots is not covered. Inspection of boots should be part of regular vehicle maintenance. d) Purchaser must have original invoice number and date. e) RAXLES is not liable for any incidental or consequential damages. Also not covered are the labor and materials that may be necessary to remove a defective unit or to install a replacement unit. f) If all of the above terms are met, RAXLES will either replace the defective unit free of charge or refund the original purchase price, at RAXLES discretion. g) To the extent permitted by law, this warranty shall be in lieu of any other warranty, expressed or implied. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. LIABILITY: Our liability is limited to the value of the unit sold or furnished. If goods are defective we have no other responsibility beyond the value of the defective unit at RAXLES. IMPORTANT NOTICE; Purchase of any product or service furnished by RAXLES shall constitute the buyer's acceptance of RAXLES sales policies and terms.