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Trunk Bunk - Element Expandable Platform by Camp N Car

Trunk Bunk - Element Expandable Platform by Camp N Car


Camp N Car Trunk Bunk Expanding Platform - SALE! Price Reduced. Was $795, now $735

An outstanding option for any Element camper looking for a comfortable sleep platform with great head room above and storage space underneath. An elevated modular sleeping platform that allows you to sleep in your Element without having to make permanent alterations to the functionality of your vehicle. It’s perfect for weekend getaways, long road trips or any kind of adventure.

All three Trunk Bunk lengths can work in the Honda Element. The 5.5-foot length works the best and can be fully deployed in the back of the Element without having to scoot the front seats forward. The 6-foot model can only fit in the Honda Element when the front seats are fully scooted forward.

Free shipping within the continental U.S. Each platform ships unassembled.

Since the Trunk Bunk comes apart into two different sections, you can stow it away in the back when not using it if you decide to get the 6-foot model. You should always measure the available space in your setup to ensure the length you’re purchasing works for your needs.

These measurements are approximate and each model is a little shy of these actual lengths. At its narrowest, it measures 25 inches wide, and at its maximum expansion measures 42 inches wide. Sitting approximately 9.5 inches off the floor, the Trunk Bunk offers storage space underneath with about 6.5 inches of clearance from the floor of the Element to the bottom of the platform frame.

Assembly is easy with only basic tools needed for assembly (see below for addition assembly info). Clearly written instructions, screws, and bits are included. The Camp N Car team is also on standby to help if you encounter any assembly hiccups along the way.

Camp N Car's quality products are made in Washington State using sustainable business practices. In-house assembly is available at an additional cost to anyone who can come to the Camp N Car shop in Port Townsend, WA, for an in-person pickup. Camp N Car stands by their work and are here to ensure your satisfaction with our products.

* When you "Add to cart", you will be taken to the Camp N Car web site to process your Trunk Bunk order. If you have any other items in your ElementDriven cart, you'll need to return to process that cart directly through our ElementDriven site.

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5, 5.5 or 6 -foot platform lengths

25 – 42 inches variable width

9.5 inches total height (top to bottom)

36 – 40 pounds total weight
(depending on model)

6.5 inches storage height below platform

The Tall Trunk Bunk Guide

Unsure if the Tall Trunk Bunk is right for your Element adventures? Need some help figuring out sizing, dimensions or other fitting considerations? We’ve got you covered!

Frequently Asked Questions

Ordering Process

To make it efficient and cost-effective for getting you the platform that's best for your Element adventures, you'll be taken directly to Camp N Car's web site and their order check out pages when you hit the "Add to cart" button.

If you have items in our ElementDriven cart, you will need to return to to check out. If you forget, you will get a reminder to review your ElementDriven cart.

What are the main benefits of using the Trunk Bunk for travel?

Being able to sleep comfortably in your Element opens up all kinds of travel flexibility and cost saving options, which is what the Trunk Bunk is all about. Having a firm and comfortable surface to sleep on in your E, with ample storage space underneath makes it much more appealing than sleeping on your seats.

What does the Trunk Bunk weigh?

Considering how sturdy and well engineered a product the Trunk Bunk is, it’s surprisingly light. The 5.5- foot Trunk Bunk only weighs 38 pounds. Each section of the Trunk Bunk is either 18 or 20 pounds on its own, depending on the length. This makes the 6-foot Trunk Bunk 40 pounds and the 5-foot Tall Trunk Bunk 36 pounds.

(all weights are approximate and may vary slightly).

What is the weight capacity of the Trunk Bunk?

To be honest, Camp N Car hasn’t been able to establish a maximum weight capacity because they haven’t been able to break it in their non-scientific torture testing. The Trunk Bunk is very strong and can support hundreds of pounds with ease, we have had multiple people standing on one slat with one foot with the bed fully expanded and it hasn’t so much as bent. So long as you’re not using the Trunk Bunk for industrial hauling purposes and stick to using it for your gear and a few campers, you’ll be fine.

Is the Trunk Bunk easily removed and reinstalled?

Yes. All Camp N Car products are designed to be easily removed and reinstalled by the users so that you don’t have to commit your vehicle to a permanent alteration. The Trunk Bunk in particular is very easy to remove from your car and doesn’t take a ton of space to stow away. In fact, it can fit in the rear compartment space of most vehicles when not being used so you can regain use of your rear seats when you’re not camping.

Is the Trunk Bunk easy to assemble on my own? What do I need?

Yes. The Trunk Bunk is both easy and fun to assemble. Camp N Car provides extremely thorough and simple directions to make putting the Trunk Bunk together a breeze. All you need is an electric screwdriver and a sense of adventure and you’ll have your unit assembled in no time. Their team is also available to help you along the way if you encounter any issues or difficulties in the assembly process. Your input and feedback is important to us and is a key tool in helping to improve their designs and instructions over time.

Is assembly service for Trunk Bunk available?

Yes. Camp N Car does offer in-house assembly for those who choose to visit and pick up their platform in Port Townsend, Washington. You’ll see assembly costs available as an add-on option when checking out through their site. Shipping of assembled Camp N Car platforms is not a service we can offer at this time due to extremely high shipping and packing costs.

Why does the Trunk Bunk cost this much?

Everything Camp N Car makes is designed with a great deal of thorough engineering and care using advanced software and expensive machinery. From there they pick top quality and sustainable materials and hand craft everything in Washington State to a high standard, using highly-skilled craftspeople who are paid living wages and treated like our family.

With that, we offer goods that aren’t as cheap as products that can be bought from overseas manufactures, but they are determined to continue being a company that manufactures solely in the U.S. and supports their local economy. Once you make your purchase you will see the quality and customer care make it all worthwhile.

Can you ship out of the United States? How about Alaska or Hawaii?

Yes they can, but you will need to contact Camp N Car to make a special shipping arrangement. Camp N Car offers free shipping to all customers in the contiguous U.S. but for anyone outside the U.S. or in Alaska/Hawaii they will need to generate a custom shipping quote and charge accordingly.

Final Considerations

To determine if the Trunk Bunk is right for your Element adventures, you may need to bust out the tape measure and verify fit for your set up. You should have a minimum viable flat surface no shorter than 5, 5.5 or 6 feet long and at least 25 inches wide. Currently the maximum length of the Trunk Bunk offered is just under 6 feet. That may not be ideal for anyone who is especially tall, but there are many creative solutions for to accommodate taller E travelers. 

The Trunk Bunk is plenty big enough to hold Thermarest-style inflatable camping pads, twin mattresses or other sleeping cushions. It is not wide enough to hold “full” or “double” sized mattresses without the edges of those mattresses spilling off the sides a little bit, although this can work sometimes if your vehicle interior is actually big enough to hold a mattress that large. Think of the Trunk Bunk as being about the same surface area as your average two-person backpacking tent and that should give you a good idea of what you are working with.